Personal cache map

Hidden caches by me

Temura atbash

Ztracena civilizace / The lost civilisation

Wish you Were Here

Zdar Buh

The Matrix

Ruzovy tank/ The pink tank


My trackable items

GC of fulfilled wishes

Target: Reach the Wailing Wall

Currently in US, went: 15317 km

1st Moon Cache GC

Target: Reach the Moon

Currently in D, went: 977 km

Thor Heyerdahl Geocoin

Target: Reach Fatu Hiwa island

Currently in GB, went: 2411 km

United Colors Coin

Target: Take a snap with somebody different

Currently in CZ, went: 14798 km

Zahadny penizek

Target: Move over CZ mystery caches

Currently in CZ, went: 94 km

Seven wonders geocoin

Target: Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Currently in GR, went: 1365 km